Stephen Izzi Supporting Business in the Holmesburg Section of Philadelphia

Stephen Izzi Supporting Business in the Holmesburg Section of Philadelphia

Throughout the greater Philadelphia area, Stephen J. Izzi provides settlement services to sellers, buyers, brokers, agents, and lenders. Our two offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey offer professional, courteous service throughout the closing process.

Stephen Izzi began working in the real estate industry in the early 1990s. The business growth of his company was based on Title Insurance, which is still the foundation of it today. He is always pushing forward toward his next goal.

For all real estate purchases, Stephen Izzi & Executive Abstract provides title insurance. As part of our commitment to ensuring a seamless and professional closing of your real estate transaction, we offer the following services:

  • Clearing title defects and conducting thorough searches of your property and title
  • Ensure that your title is “free and clear” at closing
  • Resolve every issue on the spot as soon as it arises
  • Provide off-site closings as a convenience for you
  • By acting as an escrow agent, you can rest assured that your funds are handled in a secure, professional, and legal manner
  • Distribute your funds after completing your transaction by depositing all your funds
  • Document your title with the county clerk
  • Your title policy will be issued

The quality of Stephen Izzi’s work product and service is what drives our commitment to building long-term relationships.

Our Guiding Principles

Clients First – In making decisions, we consider the needs of our clients and strive for a mutually rewarding long-term relationship. Due to this, we can communicate effectively with our clients to better understand their objectives and work together to achieve them.

Strong Affinity Relationships – A business is only as strong as the employees who work for it and with it. It is essential to engage quality property management and legal firms to perform the legal and property management services necessary to service a portfolio; we make certain that the companies we work with understand their roles and how they can add value to our client’s bottom line.

Ethical Conduct – Our business relations are characterized by trustworthiness and honesty.

Serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey Since 1993

In Executive Abstract, our experts examine public records to determine the validity of property titles and check for any liens, judgments, easements, leases, or restrictions that may impact ownership as well as any outstanding mortgages, liens, or liens associated with the property. After title insurance is issued, disputes over ownership of the property are prevented as a result of potential problems undiscovered during a search.

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