Fill The Void – Charity Event – Scholarship Program

Fill The Void - Charity Event - Scholarship Program

For Stephen Izzi, the education of children within our neighborhood is something to be taken seriously and is an area of utmost importance for our team. We believe that this is a great opportunity where everyone can come together and help, so take the first step to FIL The Void today. This scholarship program is designed to fill a student’s financial void should his or her parents pass away or become ill or where a student whose Catholic education could suffer from loss of income.

FIL The Void Program

Our team has and will continue to donate $3.00 per settlement every month to the FIL The Void program. Throughout the years, we’ve made donations towards nine different high school students, helping them to graduate from local Catholic high schools. Our team is always excited to continue our tradition of reaching our hands out to those who need our help for the years to come.

FIL The Void’s scholarship program aims to give more hope to more students through our non-profit organization. We ensure that 100% of the money we raise together will go straight to students in special need. Be part of something big, and donate to a wonderful cause.

To donate, please make checks payable to:

FIL The Void

7510 Brous Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19152

Attn: Stephen J. Izzi

Our Humble Beginnings

More than five years ago, Steve Izzi had the simple but fantastic idea of sharing his blessings with those around him. After realizing that he is surrounded by some of the best set of people, including friends and partners, he was inspired to give back to the community. He could also reflect on the people he lost in life and took strength from them to create the FIL The Void Program.

Some of the most inspirational people in his life are:

  • Fran Flanagan: A great father, husband, brother, and friend who died too early. Through all times, Stephen Izzi remembers him dearly and is remembered for his courage, humility, and strength. All-day, every day, Fran reminds Stephen to give back to his community as much as possible.
  • Geraldine Izzi: A wonderful sister who passed away at just 36 years old. She provided the gift of a free spirit and never looked back, no matter what she faced. She embodies the meaning behind the organization and will be the first one to fill the void for anyone who needs help.
  • Dorothy Lonergan: Stephen’s mother-in-law, Dorothy is a woman that never stopped being a good wife, mom, and grandma. Manners, morals, and education made up a big part of her home and her life, where she lives on in her grandchildren.

Together, these three people are the foundation and inspiration behind the FIL The Void Program, where their memory is kept alive. To give back to the community through assistance and education for children, Steve Izzi in PA has been working tirelessly. Attend our charity event and support our scholarship programs by visiting our website today or by giving us a call at FIL The Void.

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