There are numerous ways in which we do our part in the community.

FIL THE VOID - Flanagan Izzi Lonergan

The education of our neighborhood children is one area that we believe needs our help. Let us introduce you to FIL The Void.

The FIL The Void scholarship program is one that will fill the financial void for a student whose parent has become ill or passed away and whose Catholic education may suffer as a result of loss of income. We have and will continue to donate $3.00 per settlement each month to the program. In past years, we've donated money to help nine area high school students graduate from local Catholic high schools and we're excited to continue this tradition in the coming years.

FIL The Void is a non-profit organization and 100% of the money raised goes to students in special need.

To donate, please make checks payable to:

FIL The Void
7510 Brous Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19152
Attn: Stephen J. Izzi

How FIL The Void Came Into Existence...

Over the past five years, I have been blessed by some of the great people I’ve become Partners and Friends with. That blessing, along with the strength and drive I’ve received by the people I’ve lost in my life, is the inspiration for the FIL The Void Program.


is for Fran Flanagan: a great husband, father, brother and most of all, a friend to me. This man, who died too early, gave me the gift of strength, courage and humility. There is not a day that goes by that Fran doesn’t remind me to give back.


is for Geraldine Izzi: my sister, who died at the young age of 36. My sister gave me the gift of a free spirit, one who never looked back. If there was ever a person who was in need, she would be the one to fill that void and help them.


is for Dorothy Lonergan: my mother in law, a woman who never wavered from being the perfect wife, mother and grandmother. Morals, manners, and education was a must and was instilled in her children. She was always focused on doing what was best for all who came into her life. I still see what she believed in every day, in her children and grandchildren.

All three of these people have played a huge part in my life. The need to keep their memory alive is the foundation for the FIL The Void Program – to give back to the community through the education and assistance of our children in need.

– Steve Izzi