Finding the Right Representation For Your Purchases

Finding the Right Representation For Your Purchases

Buying and selling real estate is stressful and tiring. You have to deal with a lot of paperwork and come to an agreement with the other party. Leave the mountain of work and technicalities to the people who are trained to work on it. Hire a realtor who can represent you either as the buyer or seller, and you’ll experience a hassle-free and smooth transaction.

If you are around Philadelphia, PA, and looking for the best realtor to represent you as the buyer or seller, Stephen Izzi is the person you are looking for. Having founded successful real estate companies like Northeast Executive Agency, Steve has become an expert in the field of real estate because of his skills and experience.

Here are some of Steve’s skills that make him the right person to represent your purchase or sale:

Credible Deals in the Past

A good realtor has experience in handling different clients and deals. Ask for the realtor’s sales history and check the credibility of the sales. You may also ask their previous clients how they conduct their business.

Just recently, Steve closed a deal in Philadelphia selling the iconic restaurants Moonstruck and Joseph’s Pizza. Using his exceptional communication skills, he conducted a smooth transaction between the seller — his client — and the buyer.

Communicates Very Well

One of the skills to look for in a good realtor is negotiation skills. They must know how to offer you a deal that is beneficial for the client. Never be afraid to speak your mind; a good realtor listens to your concerns and finds ways to solve them.

Steve has communicated superbly with different clients throughout his career. He updates you regularly throughout the process and ensures a smooth transaction as much as possible.

Knowledgeable of the Property

A well-informed realtor knows the property and community like the back of their hand. That way, they can offer a genuine value based on how well they know the area. They can also give insights on what to look for and what to avoid when trying to make a deal.

Steve is highly involved in the community of Philadelphia, PA. He works within the community to help represent its members. His involvement in PA includes founding a scholarship program for students and organizing an annual coat drive.

Great Network

When buying or selling a property, it is more likely that you may contact other people to get things done. Having a realtor with many connections will save you from spending a lot of time networking yourself.

Stephen has an established reputation as a high-quality realtor in Philadelphia, PA. He has a vast network of local connections and maintains good relationships with them.

Stephen Izzi has all the qualifications you are looking for in a realtor to handle your real estate business. Hire him, and rest assured that your deal will go smoothly and successfully.

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